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Regeneration is our life’s work – forging partnerships and a bond of trust with dedicated doctors, scientists and professionals around the world.


We are inspired by the trust you have earned from your patients. Comfort and confidence grow naturally when time, attention and common goals are shared.


To ensure the quality and consistency you expect, we safeguard our time-tested manufacturing processes by owning and controlling each essential step.


Geistlich biomaterials are designed to meet your highest measure of reliability, utility and efficacy – making successful regenerative outcomes a foundation of your practice.

At Geistlich Biomaterials, Answers are our Specialty

Elevating patient care is what drives your choice of professional partners and products. That’s why Geistlich Biomaterials brings you a full range of regenerative treatment options that you can use with absolute confidence. Product reliability, time-tested manufacturing and the commitment of our people come together to create bonds exactly like no other.


More than 1000 publications


More than 30 years of clinical experience


More than 165 years of Geistlich collagen competence

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Exactly Like No Other